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Considering incorporating a Charlotte Mason homeschooling method? Want a primary source containing Charlotte’s wise words, but feel intimidated by her archaic writing style?

Be sure to check out Rachel Lebowitz’s annotated version of Charlotte’s book series below. She recommends starting with the sixth book in the series, A Philosophy of Education.

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Keep reading for the best Charlotte Mason quotes, selected by CM expert, Rachel Lebowitz.

The Top 5 Charlotte Mason Quotes

1. A liberal education is the natural birthright of every child.

2. There is no education but self-education.

3. The best thought the world possesses is stored in book.

4. The teacher who allows his scholars the freedom of the city of books is at liberty to be their guide, philosopher and friend.

5. Knowledge… is passed, like the light of a torch, from mind to mind, and the flame can be kindled at original minds only.

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My Favorite Charlotte Mason Quote

The reason I love this next quote is because my daughter is full of admiration and wonder. She loves science and I want to encourage her curiosity.

6. The little girl had found the principle – admiration, wonder – which makes science vital.

The Most Popular Charlotte Mason Quotes

Charlotte Mason is increasing in popularity across the homeschool nation.

If you enjoy Charlotte Mason quotes, considering reading her entire message within its original context. I recommend starting with A Philosophy of Education annotated by Rachel Lebowitz.

A Charlotte Mason expert, Rachel has thoughtfully annotated Charlotte’s books to give clearer meaning and context to her philosophy.

Read Charlotte’s original words with helpful side notes in the margins for added clarification.

📚 Check out the annotated edition of A Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason on Amazon

Charlotte Mason Quote Education is a Life

7. Education is a life. That life is sustained on ideas.

8. Education must be in touch with life.

9. The love of knowledge is sufficient.

Charlotte Mason Quote about being Out in Nature

10. Every youth should know something of the flowers of the field, the birds of the air, the stars in their courses.

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Charlotte Mason Quote about Habits

11. Habit is a good servant but a bad master.

12. Habit is ten natures.

Even More Charlotte Mason Quotes

13. I am, I can, I ought, I will.

14. Education is the Science of Relations.

15. The mind of a child takes or rejects according to its needs.

16. Education implies a continuous going forth of the mind.

17. We err when we allow our admirable teaching to intervene between children and the knowledge their minds demand.

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18. Believe in mind, and let education go straight as a bolt to the mind of the pupil.

19. Knowledge is the basis of a nation’s strength.

20. The function of education is not to give technical skill but to develop a person; the more of a person, the better the work of whatever kind.

21. The business of teachers is to open as many doors as possible.

Free Charlotte Mason Quote Printables

Recap: The Best Charlotte Mason Quotes

Although I have several favorite quotes from Charlotte Mason’s sixth book, A Philosophy of Education, I recommend reading her words within its original context.

Charlotte wrote her series around the same time as WWI, and her style and references can be difficult to understand.

That’s why I enjoyed reading Rachel Lebowitz’s annotated edition of A Philosophy of Education. You can visit Rachel and learn more about Charlotte Mason’s principles by clicking here.